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Exhibitors 2019 (last update: May 19, 2019)

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1zu12 - Das Magazin, Barbara Leuchtenberger, Marblicksweg 67, 59555 Lippstadt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2941 810980, Fax. +49 (0)2941 810982, e-mail: info@1zu12.com, Internet: www.1zu12.com - The German miniatures' magazine.

64tnt miniatures, Loredana Tonetti, Via Matteotti 12, 24060 Spinone al Lago, Italy; e-mail: loredana.tonetti@libero.it, Internet: www.facebook.com/64tntminiatures - Original and unique fantasy accessories and furniture, teapots, fruits and cakes.

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Aat Oukes Miniaturen, Aat Oukes, Acacialaan 13, 3951 XR Maarn, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)343441967, e-mail: aatoukes@planet.nl - enameled kitchenware and useful things for the household, filled cupboards, dolls and babies, baby clothes. Sink with working pump.

NEW: Pascal Adam, 12, La Duquesnerie, 50690 Martinvast, France; Tel. +33 2 33 535610, +33 6 06001133, e-mail: pascal.adam1@orange.fr, Internet: www.miniartadampascal.blogspot.com - Hamdmade furniture (replicas as well as own designs), shop boxes and decorative accessories

Alemikimikrì, Alexandra Cantatore, Viale Republica 20/B, 26013 Crema (CR), Italy; Tel. +39 (0)373 84307, e-mail: alemikimikri@gmail.com, Internet: www.alemikimikri.blogspot.com - Furniture and accessories for country style houses, especially for kitchen, bathroom and garden, painting utensils, everything also scaled 1:24 and 1:48. - Fair Special

NEU: Andrea Coppi's Minikreationen, Andrea Coppi, Landshuter Str. 74, 93053 Regensburg, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)941 93084737, e-mail: info@minikreationen.de - DIY kits for dollhouses and shops in various scales, modelised and turned unique pieces and handmade miniature bears, stuffed toys and hand puppets.

Angelika Mannersdorfer Miniaturen-Puppendesign,
Vaihinger Straße 33, 75417 Mühlacker, Germany; Tel.+49 (0)7042 16544, e-mail: kontakt@mannersdorfer.de, Internet: www.mannersdorfer.de - Handmade character- and fantasy-dolls from porcelain, 1:12 unique pieces, exclusive nostalgic baby carriages, baby toys and cupcakes. - Fair Special

Angel's Little Ones, Angélique Majoor, Nijensteinheerd 83, 9736 TG Groningen, The Netherlands; e-mail: angeliquedolls@hotmail.nl - handmade porcelain dolls in scales 1/12 and 1/24 as well as crafting materials. - Fair Special

Angie's Miniaturen, Angelika Spring, Titlisstraße 51a, 6020 Emmenbrücke, Switzerland; Tel +41 (0)41 2600582, e-mail: a@angiesminiaturen.ch, Internet: www.angiesminiaturen.ch - Babies and children of the world (all unique pieces) fitting accessories, all handmade.
New: Venetian masks, tradionally crafted ans themed series - children, adults, fantasy, fairytales and horror.

Annelies de Kort-Miniaturen, Platenmakersstraat 129, 6661 HM Elst, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)481 371833, e-mail: pan.dekort@planet.nl, Internet: shop.anneliesdekort.nl - Venne yarn, pattern-books and knitting instructions (available in English and German), knitted clothes scaled 1:12, 1:48 and 1:144, embroidered pictures scaled 1:24, 1:48 and 1:144, Miniature books and teapots with warmers. - Fair Special

Martina Aretz, Kaisersescher Straße 4, 50935 Köln, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)221 4302398 - Little arrangements and scenes, hand-modelised character dolls by Doris Gallus. - Fair Special

Arjen Spinhoven Miniaturen, Arjen Spinhoven, Oudaenstraat 18, 2985VN Ridderkerk, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)624820191, e-mail: info@arjenspinhoven.nl, Internet: www.arjenspinhoven.nl - Lasercut-dollhouses in classic and contemporary style scales 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48, Building parts and DIY-furniture kits following own designs. - Fair Special & Workshop No. 3: A bureau

va-holzkunst, Volker Arnold, Klingenberger Straße 6, 01187 Dresden, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)352 2813602 - Wooden miniatures and DIY-kits in scales from 1/12 to 1/2000, traditional Christmas decorations and miniature furniture - Fair Special

artofmini.com, Janny Warnaar, Hauptstraße 51, 26835 Neukamperfehn, Germany; Tel +49 (0)4946 8989663, e-mail: info@artofmini.com, Internet: www.artofmini.com - All kinds of special, nostalgic and elegant dolls house DIY-kits and miniatures (e.g. Victorian or Shabby Chic) from own designs or international artists. - Fair Special

Atelier Bibian's, Angelique Miltkau, Bentstreeker Straße 6, 26446 Friedenburg/Bentstreek, Germany; Tel. +31 (0)6135 93564, e-mail: bibian.poppenhuis@gmail.com, Internet: www.poppenhuis.com - Marquetry on floors and furniture, wood and building materials, accessories and nice small pieces of furniture. - Fair Special

Atelier Little Magic, Nadine Claes, Oude Godstraat 158, 2650 Edegem, Belgium; e-mail: little.magic@telenet.be - Exclusive miniatures for ladies and gentlemen, Jacominis kits. Specialty: richly filled, lovely decorated cupboards.
- Fair Special

Atelier Valckenier, Ingeborg Landers, Hearewei 7, 8855 AZ Sexbierum, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)517 235611, +31 (0)642 562557, e-mail: ingeborglanders@gmail.com - Watercolor and acrylic paintings, replicas as well as own designs. Specialty: portraits of people and animals. - Fair Special

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Henry Bart, 2 Rue de l'église, 54115 Tramont-Saint-André, France;
Tel. +33 (0)3 83523126, Mobile +33 (0)684529887, e-mail: contact@henrybartminiatures.com, Internet: www.henrybartminiatures.com
- Tiles and tiled elements, exclusive turned miniatures and unconventional objects. - Fair Special

Heidrun Bartels, Bramfelder Chaussee 247, 22177 Hamburg, Germany, Tel. +49 (0)40 6427318 - Extravagant hats, bags, band boxes and self-made geegaws for the doll's house. Various small pieces of furniture from the 50s and dolls. - Fair Special

Bea's Miniaturen Manufaktur, Beatrix Sachse, Hauptstraße 90, 73240 Wendlingen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7024 805448, Internet: www.beas-miniaturen-manufaktur.de - self-made tapers in antique-looking boxes, handmade market stalls (one of a kind, richly decorated), garden houses, doll's house electric systems, carved work and turney as well as various crafting materials. - Fair Special & Workshop No. 6: Lighting Up Your Dollhouse

Bedenknecht Miniaturen, Dieter und Tanja Bedenknecht, Winterfeldtstraße 31, 28217 Bremen, Germany; Tel +49 (0)421 382664, e-mail: tanjabedenknecht@googlemail.com, Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/sashasstore - Handmade furniture and DIY pieces, decorations of all kinds, Fimo groceries and food, maritime and mystical Shabby Chic miniatures

Betty Miniaturen, Betty Horsten, 1e Octaviolaan 49, 2909 RB Capelle aan den Ijssel, The Netherlands - Carefully hand-modeled and furred animals for houses and farms. - Fair Special

Bibaminis, Sabine Reckwerth, Loheide 93, 48346 Ostbevern, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2532 7803, e-mail: bibabaeren@aol.com, Internet: www.bibaminis.com - Hand-crafted miniatures for decorating pharmacies, shops and the whole doll's house, jars in different sizes and designs.

Bindels Ornaments, Marijke Bindels, Zandhei 32, 5508 WT Velthoven, The Netherlands; Tel./Fax. +31 (0)40 2531639, e-mail: info@bindelsornaments.nl, Internet: www.bindelsornaments.nl - Gold-plated ornaments, kits for chandeliers and metal-miniatures, crystal beads. - Fair Special

Boom-Miniaturen, Hubert Boom,
Zijlstralaan 31, 5251 SE Vlijmen, The Netherlands; e-mail: lhboom@ziggo.nl, Internet: www.boom-miniaturen.com - Handmade cupboards and furniture from antique designs, big assortment of exclusive wood for DIY purposes.

Marianne Bopp
, Schillerstraße 4, 70806 Kornwestheim, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7154 22576 - Handmade Fimo miniatures: meat products and cold cuts, vegetables, baked goods; specialty: sides of pork and cow, fish. Also leather goods, lingerie and corsages. - Fair Special

Brändler-Miniaturen, Gerda Brändler,
Am Schöttlein 24, 97422 Schweinfurt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)9721 32200, e-mail: engelhard.schmitt@telar-verlag.de - Modern dolls with unique clothing and hand-crafted seaonal and floral supplies for house and garden. -

Bücher - Books - Livres, Kathrin Hohensee, Obludastraße 46, 04347 Leipzig, Germany; Tel +49 (0)341 2326127, e-mail: kat-books@gmx.de, Internet: www.kat-books.weebly.com - Readable hardbacks done by every trick in the book, bound in leather, half leather or cardboard, available in various languages and concerning every topic from children's books over fiction up to scientific works, as well as portfolios with different content - Demonstrations at the table! - Fair Special

Bünnig Modellbau, Sabine Bünnig & Heinrich Tondorf GBR, Sabine Bünnig, Ton Hogenbargen 27, 24629 Kisdorf, Germany; e-mail: info@buennig-modellbau.de, Internet: www.buennig-modellbau.de - Lasercut kits scales 1/24 and 1/48, Panpastel-paints, windows, doors, structured boards and MDF houses.

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NEW: Caroline Miniatures, Caroline Hoek, Kalixfors 80, 3124 RB Schiedam, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 33766320, e-mail: caroline.hoek@gmail.com - Decorative furniture, often hand-painted, as well as handmade dolls for the romantic nursery

Neil Carter, 10 North Street, Raunds, Northamptonshire NN9 6HX, England; Tel +44 (0)1933 389478, e-mail: njandtcarter@ntlworld.com, Internet: www.NeilCarterMiniatures.etsy.com - Replicas of bronze statues and figurines in Art Déco and Art Nouveau, modernity, Renaissance and Egyptian style, cast using the lost wax process.

Karin Caspar, Leostraße 28, 53844 Troisdorf, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2241 42367, Mobile: +49 (0)157 57551214 - Imaginative houses and roomboxes (all unique), wall paintings, witchy accessories, fantasy style decorated furniture, trees and tree stumps as well as bookends. - Fair Special & Workshop No 9: Bookworms

NEW: Valerie Anne Casson, Le Petit Toit, 849 Les Pres Neuf, 83570 Carces, France; Tel. +33 (0)494 787752, e-mail: valcasson@gmail.com - Big range of teapots and other nice ceramic miniatures, hand-painted furniture and stylish toys for children

Elisabeth Causeret, le Bourg, 71250 Sailly, France; Tel. +33 (0)385 599201, e-mail: elisabeth.causeret@orange.fr - handthrown ceramics, finest porcelain and pottery from red clay, finely enameled and decorated, scaled 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48. - Fair Special

NEW: Wyrna Christensen, Johannes V Jensens alle 2.2-2, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark; Tel. +45 41652922, e-mail: Wyrnac@hotmail.com, Internet: www.afairytalecometruewyrna.blogspot.com - Redecorated furniture in French Romantic Country Style and own designs of various sewing accessories, lavender design, perfume boxes, Christmas balls. Everything that makes your scenes more realistic - Fair Special

Luise Christian,
Hütteldorfer Straße 157, 1140 Wien, Austria - bobbin racks, haberdashery, Christmas miniatures, all handmade from own workshop.

Cinderella, Silvia Leiner, Pwyll y Broga, Pontfaen, Fishguard SA65 9TY, Great Britain; Tel. +44 (0)1239 821074, e-mail: SBLeiner@aol.com, Internet: www.cinderellaminiaturen.com - Dressed and undressed pocelain dolls, sewing material, sewing patterns, drapery, lace; oil paintings and furniture painted by Gabriele Leiner; Lasercut-kits for toys and small pieces of furniture by Dragonfly, USA.

Cinen Miniature, Carlotta Rossi, Via della Salute 21/2, 40132 Bologna, Italy; Tel. +39 (0)347 9442364, e-mail: info@cinen.it, Internet: www.cinen.it - Furniture and accessories for pubs, bars, kitchens and the dollhouse.

Coras Cottage, Cora van der Meeren, Chopinplein 48, 3122 VM Schiedam, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)683 539827, e-mail: cvdmeeren@hotmail.com, Internet: www.corascottage-winkel.nl - Handmade quilts and accessories for a little quilt shop, fabrics with small patterns (100% cotton), french lace and silk ribbons.

Cri's Mini, Cristina Lissiotto, Via Oriani 11, 10149 Torino (TO), Italy; Tel +39 (0)333 338 6220, e-mail: cristina.lissiotto@yahoo.it - Shabby chic roomboxes and accessoires as well as decorative articles.

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Daniëlle Design, Irma & Marco Joossen, Pernambucodreef 38, 3563 CT Utrecht, The Netherlands- Tel +31 (0)30 2624801, Fax +31 (0)30 2628917, e-mail: m.joossen@hotmail.nl - romantically dressed dolls, decorated beds and other furniture-arrangements as well as exclusive hydrangea.

Petra Daniels, Friedhofstraße 46, 52134 Herzogenrath, Germany - Embroidered goods, e.g. hand-embroidered rugs, pictures and pillows, upholstered seat assemblies and nice accessories from all over the world, as well as especially nice pieces by good miniaturists.

De kleine Poppenkast, Stella Bernecker, Kerklaan 55, 2282 CE
Rijswijk ZH, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)70 3474820, e-mail: bernie@dekleinepoppenkast.nl, Internet: www.dekleinepoppenkast.nl - Handmade animals, bears, baby items and lady items.

De Kroonluchter, Yvonne und Fred van Eck, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)70 3976590, e-mail: fyve@planet.nl - Chandeliers and sconce with Svarovski-crystals, fashion accessories. - Fair Special

De MiniLaars, Fern Zijlmans-'t Hart, Heuvelakkersestraat 21, 6913 AA Aerdt, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)316 248640, e-mail: minilaars@gmail.com, Internet: www.minilaars.nl - Russian miniatures, garden miniatures, ponds, animals, exclusive seasonal accessories.

De Pronkkamer, Ingrid Sikkink, Burgemeester van der Schansstraat 56, 4281 LK Andel, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)183 440 944, e-mail: ingrid@de-pronkkamer.nl, Internet: www.de-pronkkamer.nl - High class handmade "I'm Special" miniatures, e.g. silk pillows and towels with antique lace. Big range of baptism dresses and items for babies and toddlers as well as enameled jugs and much more.

Derdriu Dolls, Deirdre Wilgenburg, Roosbroekstraat 6, 1982 Zemst, Belgien; e-mail: info@derdriu.com, Internet: www.derdriu.com - Exclusive collectors' quality porcelain dolls, historically dressed, ranging from the Middle Ages to modern times.

Diane Meyboom Miniature Artist, Diane Meyboom,
Tuinstraat 101, 2921 XJ Krimpen a/d Ijssel, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)642992456, e-mail: contact@dianemeyboom.com, Internet: www.dianemeyboom.com - Miniature oil paintings, old masters' motives, miniature painting utensils. Special showpiece: miniature replica of the rococo-salon "Hôtel de Soubise" at Paris.

Die Galerie, Ursula Glotzbach,
Max-Reger-Weg 86, 33100 Paderborn, Germany; e-mail: ursula@glotzbach.org, Internet: www.glotzbach.org/diegalerie- Embroidered pictures for the doll's house made after own designs and exquisite examples, also linen pieces, tiffany and picture frames. - Fair Special

Domino, Dominique Roche, Adelinde B, 201, Alleé des Ondines, 07500 Guilherand-Granges, Frankreich; Tel +33 (0)687 808586, e-mail: DominoMiniatures@gmail.com - Leather luggage and office accessories.

Edmund Drescher, Neue Bohle 23, 50321 Brühl, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2232 577820 - functioning miniature tools, metal accessories and small pieces of furniture scaled 1:12 - handmade, one of a kind; special assignments desired! - Fair Special

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NEW: Elles Miniaturen, Elle Leenders, Hennepstraat 46, 6842 BL Arnhem, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)263811822, e-mail: elles_leenders@versatel.nl - Handmade bears and other plush toys as well as decorative Easterm Halloween and Christmas accessories.

Pia Elsenheimer,
Wigstraße 8, 45239 Essen, Germany - e-mail: piaelse@web.de - Haberdashery and handiwork, food miniatures, garden miniatures and decorative accesories, all handmade. - Fair Special

E. Elsner von Gronow, Kunstgewerbe & Miniaturen,
Immermannwall 23, 59494 Soest, Germany - Tel +49 (0)2921 4892, Fax +49 (0)2921 344006 -
e-mail: kontakt@elsnervongronow.com, Internet: www.elsnervongronow.de - Metal ornaments and galleries, wall paper, fabric, DIY-furniture kits. - Fair Special

Ericson-Miniaturen, Eric Dees, Loosduinsekade 445, 2571 CK Den Haag, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)70 3667026 und +31 (0)6 542 70750, e-mail: ericszon@gmail.com, Internet: http://ericson-minaturen.nl - Furniture from the 1900s until today - radios, television sets, record players, stoves and much more, also available as DIY-kits.

ESH Vlechtwerk, Esmé Hofman, Bareldsweg 8, 7983 KH Wapse, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)521 383051, e-mail: info@esmehofman.nl, Internet: www.esmehofman.nl - Traditionally handmade wickered miniatures. - Fair Special

Eva-M-Bauer, Eva Bauer,
Fichtenstraße 13, 86856 Hiltenfingen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)8232 74483, e-mail: emb.puppen@t-online.de, Internet: www.kleinemodewelt.de - Dressed dolls; fur and animals, finest knitted goods, Bavarian items and haberdashery. - Fair Special

Exquisite Miniaturen, Waltraud Halfpap-Klebe, Haingrabenstraße 11, 61381 Friedrichsdorf, Germany; Tel./Fax. +49 (0)6007 7868, e-mail: waltraudhalfpap@hotmail.de - Flower-arrangements, blooming potted plants, foliage plants, orchids, filled flower vases, cacti and succulents. - Fair Special

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Fashion Dolls in Miniature, Helena Reijnen, Jan van Rijswijcklaan 172 - Bus 4, 2020 Antwerpen, Belgium; Tel +32 (0)3 291 5026, e-mail: dollsinminiature@telenet.be, Internet: www.dollsinminiature.com - exclusively dresse porcelain dolls from own manufacturing, DIY-kits for dolls, sewing patterns and accessories. Workshop No. 1a / 1b: Very Feminine

Fennicole Miniatures, Nicoline Wintering,
Willem Marisstraat 16, 6866 AT Heelsum, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)317 612722, +31 (0)317 316420, e-mail: fennicole@live.nl, Internet: www.fennicole-miniatures.nl - handmade garden decorations, thin tiles with provencial sandstone look, building material.

Franzy's Paradies, Françoise Suter-Neuhaus,
Lausannegasse 39, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland - Tel +41 (0)26 3224765, Fax +41 (0)26 470 1604, e-mail: franzy@puppen.ch, Internet: www.puppen.ch - Exclusive miniatures from high-class artisans from Switzerland and the whole world - many unique objects

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NEW: Han J. Goergen, Bouwmeesterweg 18, 3123 AA Schiedam, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)104701483, e-mail: h.goergen@mail.com - Handmade furniture and fitting accessories in the style of the 20's to 50's, special pieces like binoculars and street organs as well as nostalgic miniature bears by Jeanet Dekker

Glasbläserei, Peter Böhm, Schulstraße 39, 98724 Ernstthal, Germany
- Glass miniatures for doll's houses and collectors.

Glasbläserei Gerd Felka,
Bergstraße 9, 98711 Frauenwald, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)36782 60717, e-mail: Gerd.Felka@t-online.de, Internet: www.miniglass.de - Finest mouth-blown glass miniatures scales 1:12 and 1:16, often elaborately adorned and labelled or filled with beverages, silhouette glasses and lidded goblets

NEW: Jan Groot, Churchillweg 21, 1314 RB Almere, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)36 5332114, e-mail: jantonnygroot@mail.com - Landscape oil paintings, self designed in the style of the school of Den Haag.

Inka Grossé, Endenicher Straße 55, 53115 Bonn, Germany - Tel +49 (0)228 651681, e-mail: i.grosse@netcologne.de - Porcelain dolls dressed in the style of different epoques, exclusive arrangements as well as high-class accessories (many unique articles).

Grote Kleine Wereld, D. H. Waijer, Snikke 2, 8433 HE Haulerwijk, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)5164 26203, e-mail: d.waijer@planet.nl - Large range of wooden furniture scaled 1/144, decorated and undecorated cabinets, handmade flowers, plants and porcelain dollhouse items. Also large range of 1/48 scale houses and furniture by Petite Properties

Gweaneth's Dream, Louise Nijboer-Staric, Grietmanslaan 81, 8431 CN Oosterwolde, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)516 785212 und +31 (0)6251 34576, e-mail: Louisenijboer@gmail.com, Internet: www.gweaneth.tk - Crocheted blankets and oven cloths, tablecloths, furniture, wooden items, DIY material and tools. - Fair Special

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Heidi-Minis, Heidemarie Sindelar, Schönbrunner Straße 147/27, 1050 Wien, Austria; Tel. +43 (0)650 6352139, e-mail: heidemarie.sindelar@chello.at - Character dolls, mice and fantasy dolls made from polymer clay - Fair Special

Hesseborn fine Miniatures, Elisabeth Hesseborn,
Säfflegatan 9, 123 44 Farsta, Sweden; Tel. +46 (0)73 1424745, e-mail: elisabet@hesseborn.se, Internet: www.fineminiatures.se - Handmade and handpainted fine miniature furniture, boxes, screens, also handpainted classical paintings

Het Behouden Huis, Tineke ten Bulte,
Vogelslag 55, 7423 CB Deventer, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)570 516536, e-mail: tineke@hetbehoudenhuis.nl - Modern design furniture, wallpaper, dollhouses and lamps. - Fair Special

Victoria Heredia Guerbós, Calle Los Flamencos no. 10, edif. Los Olivos apt. N° 17, 29018 Málaga, Spain; Tel. +34 (0)615 967184, e-mail: amcastillo10@gmail.com - smallest flowers, plants and little angel miniatures (<1in), nostalgic toy dolls, all unique pieces handmade from Fimo.

Houtenkralen.eu, Elleke van Engelenburg, Glanerbrugstraat 35, 7585 PK Glane, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)53 4618784, Fax +31 (0)53 4288426, e-mail: houtenkralen.eu@hotmail.com, Internet: www.houtenkralen.eu - Miniatures and crafting supplies, specialised in natural wooden beads and mini-fabrics.

I (top)
Il Piccolo Mondo di Daniela, Daniela Marsella, Via la Malfa 8, 20017 Rho (Milano), Italy; Tel. +39 (0)339 2702359, e-mail: dani.66@alice.it - Dollhouse furniture in antique, shabby chic and modern style

In het Poppenhuis, Iris Bronsgeest, Ijsselstraat 9, 3401 DJ Ijsselstein, The Netherlands; Tel +31 30 6870050, e-mail: iris@inhetpoppenhuis.nl, Internet: www.inhetpoppenhuis.nl - Iriginals, shops and rooms from own studio, mobile homes, Itsy Bitsy Wallpaper and miniature kits. - Fair Special

J (top)
Janas Minibücher, Jana Wichmann, Mehrower Allee 36 A, 12687 Berlin, Germany; e-mail: janas-minibuecher@gmx.de,
Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/JanasMinibooks - Paper miniatures: Miniature books in different languages, cookbooks, children's books, classics, book sculptures, pop-up books, paper theater. - Fair Special

Silke Janas-Schlösser, Eichenstraße 23, 57587 Birken-Honigsessen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2742 72055, e-mail: info@silke-schloesser.de, Internet: www.silke-schloesser.de - hand-modelised character dolls and fairy-tale figures, witches, elves, Christmas figures and more, roomboxes and fantasy houses built and designed by Marius Schlösser - Fair Special

J en M, Marcel van Eenbergen, Barrierweg 210, 5622 CR Eindhoven, The Netherlands; Tel. +41 (0)40 245 5511 und +41 (0)6 48691415, e-mail: marcelveenbergen@gmail.com - Finest jigsaw works, e.g. wooden toys and puzzles as well as inventively designed lamps for the nursery

Jogchum's Puppenhäuser und Miniaturen, Jogchum Snoek,
Dianalaan 13, 7321 GK Apeldoorn, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)55785 0208, e-mail: info@dejojo.nl, Internet: www.dejojo.nl - Handmade mini-baby dolls, Reutter-porcelain and various other miniatures.

K (top)
Kaats-Miniaturen-Bouw, Karin Jansen-Janssen, Verbindingskanaal NZ 26, 7895 TD Roswinkel, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)591 531802, e-mail: hankar@planet.nl, Internet: www.kaats-miniaturen-bouw.nl - Natural looking stone wall cladding and roof tiles from own production as well as miniatures by known brands like MiniMundus, Unique Miniatures and Chrysnbon, crafting wood

Marja Keuker, Sinnigvelderstraat 337, 1382 EZ Weesp, The Netherlands;
Tel +31 (0)653 797 858, e-mail: contact@marjakeuker.nl, Internet: www.marjakeuker.nl - Silver, Japanese, Chinese and Moroccan miniatures, parquetry and marquetry furniture and boxes as well as bohemian living. - Fair Special

NEW: Ester Kleijnen, Gulperplein 7, 6461 HE Kerkrade, Niederlande; Tel. +31 (0)6 23616028, E-Mail: esterkleijnen@outlook.com, Internet: www.ejewies.jouwweb.nl - Finest, feathery crochet works for living rooms and bedrooms, e.g. tablecloths and blankets as well as romantic hand-sewn linen.

Kleine Schätze, Kerstin Klaschus,
Kleine Weide 17, 23743 Grömitz, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)4562 7939, e-mail: kleineschaetze1@gmail.com, Internet: www.kleine-schaetze.de - handmade edibles and cakes from Fimo, flowers from silk, punched rugs, Christmas miniatures, toys, furred animals with fur from natural fiber.

Kleine T-Räume, Eva Maria Seeberger, Manthenstraße 24, 40625 Düsseldorf, and Birgit Mathias, Henri-Dunant-Straße 49, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany; Tel +49 (0)211 292318 oder +49 (0)211 4543182, e-mail: birmadu@t-online.de oder e.m.seeberger@t-online.de - Everything the good doll's housewife needs and might want, self-designed and -crafted; Specialty: big assortment of bottles. - Fair Special

Liselotte Konopka, Böcklerstraße 13, 90480 Nürnberg, Germany; Tel +49 (0)911 543724, e-mail: rainer.konopka@online.de - Fimo fruit, vegetables, baked goods, cakes and sweets, flowers and flower arrangements, all handmade, as well as small furniture by Rainer Konopka. - Fair Special

Anne Kröpke, Ohweg 1, 21442 Toppenstedt, Germany - Maritime unique pieces, individual arrangements with miniatures from Thailand as well as floral scenes and miniatures for Easter and Christmas.

NEW: Krümmel Teddy's, Margarete Buse, Herman-Löns-Straße 8, 48231 Warendorf, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2582 3069152, e-mail: mag.buse@web.de - Crocheted and knitted teddies and other nursery accessories, baby blankets and children's clothes, blankets and pillows. - Fair Special

Kunstgewerbe Miniaturen Holzner, Albert Holzner, Frühlingsstraße 9, 84576 Teising, Germany; Tel +49 (0)8633 1002, e-mail: miniweltholzner@aol.com, Internet: www.miniweltholzner.de - shops, market stalls, displays and edibles from Fimo, all self-made. - Fair Special

Kunstmalerei, Joachim Kühner, Mörikestraße 11, 74385 Pleidelsheim, Germany; Tel +49 (0)7144 888 9883, e-mail: kontakt@maler-jo.de, Internet: www.maler-jo.de - Handpainted porcelain, drawings and oil paintings scale 1/12.

L (top)
L.A. Little Artist,
Huu Phuoc Nguyen, Stellingmolen 208, 3352 BN Papendrecht, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)786152180, e-mail: hpnetherland@yahoo.com - carved micro-animals scale 1:144 and smaller, musical instruments, accessories and furniture scale 1:12 as well as wooden miniature ornaments

Lamis Minis, Pia Becker,
Buchenstraße 4, 71106 Magstadt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7159 9307362, e-mail: pia.becker87@web.de, Internet: www.lamisminis.blogspot.com - handmade flowers and plants from paper as well as DIY-kits. - Fair Special

L'Atelier du Chat botté, Catherine Ferouelle, 74, av. du Maréchal Douglas Haig, esc. 7, 78000 Versailles, France; e-mail: latelier-du-chat-botte@sfr.fr - Creator-decorator, specialised on arrangements from handmade elements styled like French antiques, especially childhood themes and haberdashery as well as printed fabric and paper, "French Brocante", kits for french windows, boxes etc. - Fair Special

Le Boudoir d'Alicia, Carole Christophe, 70, rue de Paris, 58440 Myennes, France; Tel +33 (0)67130 7640, e-mail: carole.christophe58@orange.fr, Internet: www.facebook.com/LBDA23/ - Fine baked goods and much more, scale 1/12. - Fair Special

Le Coffre d'Emilie, Gilles Roche, 98, Route de Villeberne, 58200 Cosne s/Loire, France; Internet: www.lecoffredemilie.blogspot.fr - Imaginatively designed animals and dolls, little nostalgic scenes from the toy world - all exclusive and handmade. - Fair Special 

Le Miniature di Eurosia, Roberta Solari, Via Lenin 40, 00045 Genzano di Roma, Italy; Tel +39 (0)392 336 6579, e-mail: roberta.solari63@gmail.com - Terracotta and hand-painted tiles, Tuscan pots, wire mesh accessories and small furniture for the bathroom, kitchen and garden.

Le Mini di Pierluigi & Mara, Pierluigi Pirovano , Via Roma 1/C, 20070 Dresano (Milano), Italy; Tel +39 (0)328 8982555, e-mail: pier.pimini@gmail.com, Internet: www.pimini.it - etched and cast metal accessories, e.g. bird cages, lanterns and garden grills. - Fair Special

Ursula Lempelius, Apfelstraße 5, 33790 Halle/Westfalen, Germany - Tel/Fax +49 (0)5201 10686, e-mail: kulemp@gmx.de - Fine embroideries, bed- and table-linen, nice things for the nursery, embroidery kits and a big assortment of drapery.

Le Petit Tricot, Ellen Stumpf-Warner, Professor Teldersstraat 26, 3274 MC Heinenoord, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)6 54765313, e-mail: lepetittricot@live.nl - handmade knitting goods following own designs, light-knit fabrics and lingerie as well as yarn and knitting needles.

Les Petits Chapeaux de Coralie, Coralie Jourdain, 2056, Rte de Cuiseaux, 71480 Le Miroir, France; e-mail: coralie.jourdain@gmail.com - Various styles of hats, made from antique and contemporary material, all unique pieces. - Fair Special

Liebe-Miniaturwerkstatt, Jörg Liebe, Rückmarsdorfer Straße 6, 04420 Markranstädt, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)341 9420054, e-mail: info@holz-liebe.de, Internet: www.holz-liebe.de - Working miniature tools and -workshops, miniature toys, doll's house supplies and furniture, everything self-made and scaled 1:12. The name Liebe has been standing for quality for more than 30 years! - Fair Special

Little Magie, Gerrie Wijnholds, Apollolaan 82 6411 BC Heerlen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 41931812, e-mail: little.magie@outlook.com - small self-made miniatures, crafting materials.

Brigitte Lohrmann (Kleines Glück), Harnackring 72, 21031 Hamburg, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)40 7383906, Fax +49 (0)40 344135 - Christmasy and paschal accessories, self-made dolls, mini-mini dolls scaled 1:87 and 1:144, rooms as well as exclusive miniatures from all over the world.

M (top)
NEW: Magazijn Blijdorp, Richard Boot, 
Stadhoudersweg 97-C, 3039 EC Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)10 466 31 80, e-mail: info@magazijnblijdorp.nl, Internet: www.magazijnblijdorp.nl - Wide range of Proxxon machines and tools by various manufacturers. - Only exhibits on Saturday!

Georgia Marfels,
Droste-Hülshoff-Weg 2, 49492 Westerkappeln, Germany; e-mail: Georgia.Marfels@rub.de, Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/georgiamarfels - Witches' supplies, small animals, edibles and DIY-articles from metal and glass.

NEW: Matozi Art, Marja and Pierre van Diepen, Burg.Hoogenboomlaan 72, 1718 BK Hoogwoud, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)226358054, e-mail: sale@matozi-art.nl, Internet: www.matozi-art.nl - Wholesaler of miniatures and accessories by various brands, e.g. Reutter, Heidi Ott, Bespaq, as well as hand blown glass ad caco dolls with porcelain heads

Melissa's Miniwereld, Melissa Sipma,
Theo van Doesburgstraat 41, 9204 KX Drachten, The Netherlands; e-mail: info@melissasminiwereld.nl, Internet: www.melissasminiwereld.nl - Laserville Lasercut furniture scales 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48

Micro-Crochet, Babette Polman, Schipholtstraat 132, 7534 DB Enschede, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)644 758074, e-mail: microcrochetbybabette@gmail.com, - Mini-mini figures, crocheted in highest quality, handmade teddy bears.

Microdolls, Daniela Kiefhaber, Banater Straße 9, 90522 Oberasbach, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)911 4783016, e-mail: post@microdolls.de, Internet: www.microdolls.de - hand-modelised porcelain character dolls (all one of a kind), historic gloves and elven babies. - Fair Special

MiKi Buch, Inge und Hans-Otto Kimmling, Tulpenweg 31, 56766 Ulmen, Germany; Tel +49 (0)2676 613, e-mail: miki-buch@t-online.de - Doors and hinges, furniture, shale, wood, bees and beehives by Hans-Otto Kimmling; Books and handmade rugs by Inge Kimmling.

Miniarche, Irmgard Gritzan, Siebenbürgenstraße 48, 53119 Bonn, Germany;
e-mail: i.gritzan@gmx.de, Internet: www.miniarche.blogspot.com - Furred or feathered hand-modelised animals scale 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48, also arranged in little scenes, handmade figures in 1:48 - Fair Special

Miniature Fashion, Susanna Alberti,
Via Bastoni 1, 24021 Albino, Bergamo, Italy; Tel. +39 (0)347 7046377, e-mail: susy.alberti@gmail.com, Internet: www.miniaturefashion.etsy.com - Brautkleider, Korsetts, Hüte und Taschen sowie Accessoires im Landhausstil.

Rosie Kohl, Taubenstraße 30, 73650 Winterbach, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7181 44595, e-mail: miniaturen-flechtatelier@t-online.de - Wickered goods: baby carriages, strollers, beach chairs, garden furniture, baskets etc. scaled 1:12, 1:24 and 1:48 as well as hospital furniture.

Miniaturen Schneider, Thomas Schneider, Yorckstraße 12, 80637 München, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)89 12391370, Fax +49 (0)89 12391481, e-mail: tschneider@miniaturen-schneider.de, Internet: www.miniaturen-schneider.de - Finest handmade Fimo minatures, mainly edibles, all self-made.

Miniaturfloristik, Petra Wruck, Hauptstraße 21, 22869 Schenefeld, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)40 8302849, e-mail: mupwruck@gmx.de - Hand-crafted flowers from paper and wire, punching tools and DIY-kits for making flowers, ponds, garden furniture, DIY water-making kits and aging pigments - Fair Special

Miniaturjuwelier, Ursula Stürmer, Sudetenstraße 28, 65604 Elz, Germany - handmade functioning miniature jewellery and supplies. - Fair Special

Miniatur Puppenwelt Wengen, Monika Mayer-Lübeck, Lindauer Straße 22, 87480 Wengen, Germany; e-mail: info@miniatur-puppenwelt.de - selected miniatures from A like apple to Z like zinc tub - everything scaled 1:12.

Minibotanik, Heidi Gierke, Sägebockweg 104, 13125 Berlin, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)30 94633752, e-mail: kontakt@minibotanik.de, Internet: www.minibotanik.de - Watercolor paper flowers and plant arrangements for the house and garden, terrace and vase scale 1/12 - Commisions welcome! - Fair Special

Minidoor, Thea van Hasselt, San Franciscosingel 55, 2548 Den Haag, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)70 3697703, e-mail: webwinkel.minidoor@gmail.com, Internet: www.minidoor.nl - Handmade miniatures, silk ribbons, lace and tiny trimmings. - Fair Special

Minidrechsler, Hermann Straeten, Issumer Straße 14, 47608 Geldern, Germany - Turned miniatures, miniature clocks and musical instruments, nine entries in the Guinness book of World Records: amongst others for the smallest sewing case, the smallest stamp or the smallest cuckoo clock. Showpiece: Working water mill with turning workshop. - Demonstrations at the table! - Fair Special

Mini-Flora, Irene Gerhardt, Holbeinstraße 3, 63322 Rödermark, Germany; Tel. +49(0)6074 95387, Fax +49(0)6074 95357, e-mail: I_Gerhardt@web.de - Miniature floristry and supplies, cut flowers and bridal bouqets.

Mini Modern Style, Angela Paola Ribatti,
Via Galimberti 6, 10080 Bosconero (Torino), Italy; Tel +39 (0)347 2928437, e-mail: info@minimodernstyle@gmail.com, Internet: www.facebook.com/minimodernstyle - Furniture, accessories and textiles for modern interiors.

Minipot, Lisbeth Pedersen,
Romlundvej 1, 8831 Løgstrup, Denmark - homemade pottery and other decorative small miniatures.

minis2you, Marie Creutz, Bygatan 11, 577 36 Hultsfred, Sweden; Tel. +46 (0)70 540 3109, e-mail: minis2you@telia.com; Internet: www.minis2you.etsy.com - Ice skates and roller skates, clogs, baby shoes and shoes for ladies and gentlemen, suitcases and briefcases - all handmade from real leather, as well as jeans and dolls.

M. Nieves, M. Nieves Mergelina Sánchez, Calle Rio Jarama, 483 (Las Colinas), 19170 El Casar (Guadalajara), Spain; Tel. +34 (0)949 335148, e-mail: m.nieves.artesana@gmail.com, Internet: www.m-nieves.com - Unique character dolls with real glass eyes and carefully hand-sewn clothing, as well as accessories: paintings, porcelain and small scenes, all unique handmade pieces.

Montheron, Vera Rijgersberg, Biezelingsestraat 92, 4421 BV Kapelle, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)113 330356, e-mail: montheron@zeelandnet.nl, Internet: www.montheron.com - Exclusive furniture and upholstery, carefully crafted and hand-painted. Nearly all pieces are limited to one copy. - Fair Special

Veronica Mussoni (Kleine Träumereien), Kirchenstraße 75, 81675 München, Germany - Tel/Fax +49 (0)89 41902922 - handmade artist's dolls from porcelain, unique pieces and small series as well as exlusive Christmas and Paschal miniatures following traditional designs.
- Fair Special

My Thai Miniatures, Maureen Gestman, Rudolf Garrelsstraat 106, 1443 LK Purmerend, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)299 648369, e-mail: maureengestman@hotmail.com - Miniatures from Thailand as well as handmade flower arrangements.

My Tiny World Ltd., Paul Duckett,
Unit 22 Ross Road, Northampton NN3 2SP, England; Tel +44 (0)1604 589818, e-mail: sales@mytinyworld.co.uk, Internet: www.mytinyworld.co.uk - Range of over 10.000products including extensive range of handmade glass, food, wooden and airdried clay items.

N (top)
Nalladris, Sun Lemmens, Ridder Hoenstraat 116, 6433 EG Hoensbroek, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)45 8505354, Internet: www.nalladris.nl - Sunlight in miniature: chandeliers, DIY-ornaments, sparkling jewels for sophisticated ladies, Nal-LED system. - Fair Special & Workshop No. 2: Crown Jewels

Nostalgische Puppenstuben, Elfi und Hans Meier, Koolbarg 32 d, 22117 Hamburg, Germany - Tel +49 (0)40 7123945, e-mail: hans.meier10@gmx.net, Internet: www.nostalgische-puppenstuben.de - Handmade miniatures from wood, metal and glass - including Orangeries, foldaway garden furniture, market carts, bicycles and sleds. - Fair Special

O (top)
Omgardens, Annemieke Derksen-Vet, Molengatpad 22, 1317 BC Almere, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)36 5335549, e-mail: omgaflow@gmail.com, Internet: www.omgardens.nl - Artful flower arrangements, trees, gardens, 3D-facades and rows of houses, building material, DIY-kits and Christmas decorations. - Fair Special

P (top)
Poppen(T)Huis, Bas Middel, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)4928 45361, e-mail: info@poppen-t-huis.nl, Internet: www.poppen-t-huis.nl - Handmade fantasy houses and miniatures. Commissions welcome! - Fair Special

Potteryminiart, Rossella Marchetti, Via Sant Alessandro 43, 20900 Monza (MB), Italien; e-mail: rossella.marchetti@hotmail.it - Hand painted pottery, flower production

Poupée Tendresse, Ingeborg Riesser, 2, sq. Racan, 75016 Paris, France; handmade exclusive miniatures from France, England and the USA as well as French trade magazines.

PuppenHausGemachtes, Ingrid Otto, Bergstraße 28, 58579 Schalksmühle, Germany; Tel +49 (0)2355 3542, e-mail: ingrid.otto@luedenscheid.de - Embroidery kits for finest miniature carpets following own designs as well as small pieces of furniture, children's toys and needlework supplies - Fair Special

Puppenmanufaktur Erna Meyer e.K., Gabriele John von Freyend, Hirschbergstraße 10, 85254 Sulzemoos, Deutschland; Tel. +49 (0)8135 9947575, Fax +49 (0)8135 9947576, e-mail: info@erna-meyer.com, Internet: www.erna-meyer.com - Flexible dolls covered with fabric, scales 1:12 and 1:24, flexible porcelain dolls scale 1:12, collector's editions of miniature felt bears, roomboxes and market stalls. - Fair Special

NEW: Puppenminiaturen, Ingrid Auer, Hoffeldstraße 29, 71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7141 461575, Mobil +49 (0)171 4911478, e-mail: Ingrid.Auer@t-online.de, Internet: www.123puppenminiaturen.de - Christmas trees, elaborately decorated with hand blown glass spheres, as well as everything you need for an atmospheric Christmas time - boots, wreaths, garlands and cookies. - Fair Special

Puppenstuben & Miniaturen, Andrea Dewald-Schneider, Breite Straße 91, 42369 Wuppertal, Germany; e-mail: email@miniaturen-versand.de, Internet: www.miniaturen-versand.de - Furniture and decorative accessories by all well-known brands as well as exclusive crocheted miniatures.

Puppenstübchen Silke Fichtner, Stresemannstraße 33, 08523 Plauen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)3741 521036, Fax. +49 (0)3741 520949, e-mail: post@puppenstuebchen.com, Internet: www.puppenstuebchen.com - Exclusive Erzgebirge-miniatures as well as miniatures for nurseries, Christmas, kitchen and wine shops (bottles with real wine), all self-made. New: DIY-kits - Fair Special

R (top)
Ray Storey Lighting, Ray Storey, 29 Greenhaugh Road, South Wellfield, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear NE25 9HF, England; Tel. +44 (0)191 2807876, e-mail: sales@raystoreylighting.com, Internet: www.raystoreylighting.com - Exclusive hand-crafted lamps (Victorian, Georgian, Tudor) as well as glassware and electrical supplies. - Fair Special

Reina Mab Miniaturas, Ricardo Snitcofsky, Av. Cabildo 2350, Galeria Marga Local 47, 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tel +54 (0)11 4782 0736, e-mail: info.reinamab@gmail.com, Internet: www.reinamab.com.ar - Kits for fence and stairs, hand-crafted accessories concerning various themes, for example sports, household, photography, decoration, nurseries etc., many also available as DIY-kits. - Fair Special

Leo Reijnders, van Maerlantstraat 14, 5671 VM Nuenen, The Netherlands; e-mail: l.reijnders@onsnet.nu - Hand-crafted glass miniatures for household, doctor's office and laboratory.

R en J Miniaturen Speelkwartier, Ria & Jorien Vroege, Sclaavenburch 25, 3131 MB Vlaardingen, The Netherlands - Hand-crafted miniatures for equipping babies, beaches, toys and miniatures for bathroom and kitchen, also: accessories for dog owners. Specialty: Accessories with designs by Beatrix Potter.

R&R Zimmerpflanzen, Rolf Noppe,
Paul Illhardt-Straße 79, 39218 Schönebeck, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)3928 402341, e-mail: rolf.noppe@gmx.de - blooming indoor plants, flowers, foliage plants, flower-boxes, DIY-kits, needlework miniatures and accessories, scales 1/12, 1/10 and 1/18 - Fair Special

Roselind Raabe - Volkskunst und Spielwaren, Roselind Raabe, Dübener Straße 2, 04509 Delitzsch, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)34202 51374, Fax. +49 (0)34202 51372 - Doll's houses, doll's house furniture, various miniatures scaled 1:12, electrics, flowers, carpets and wallpapers, crafts supplies, Christmas and Easter decorations.

S (top)
Helga Sadowski, Dr.-Wilhelm-Roelen-Straße 313, 47179 Duisburg, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)203 480496, e-mail: helga.sadowski@gmx.de, Internet: www.miniaturen-sadowski.de - Character dolls from Polymer Clay (one of a kind), scale 1:12. Specialty: portraits from photos. Also: self-written books. commissions welcome! - Fair Special

Patrizia Santi, Via Mazzini 9c, 61010 Tavullia (PU), Italy;
Tel +39 (0)340 7463410, e-mail: patisan@alice.it, Internet:www.patriziasantiminiatures.com - handmade shoes, boots, bags and accesories as well as nicely decorated furniture.

Sara's Miniaturen, Henk und Ria v.d. Woude, Bosboom Toussaintstraat 42, 3141 CA Maassluis, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)10 5916203, e-mail: ajvdw@telfort.nl - Luxurious ladies' articles, lingerie, beauty cases, decorated linen cupboards, flower arrangements and small pieces of furniture, all handmade.

Scarletts zauberhafte Miniaturen, Manuela Herbst, Messingstraße 34, 38642 Goslar, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)5321 330995, e-mail: familieherbst@t-online.de, Internet: www.etsy.com/de/shop/Scarletts45 - Accessories for the elegant lady, playful knick-knacks for babies and stylish supplies for witchy gals.

Shirley Scheibehenne,
Danziger Straße 17, 37688 Beverungen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)5273 3219668, e-mail: mikroteddy@web.de, Internet: www.meinkleinerteddy.de - Hand-sewed artists' bears following own designs, completely flexible from 5mm, miscellaneous cuddly toys for the nursery, supplies for the DIY-enthusiast. - Fair Special

Hans-Jürgen Seitz, Tübinger Straße 26, 74172 Neckarsulm, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)7132 81680, Mobile +49 (0)173 3735442 - Metal miniatures, e.g. cookers and ovens, metal fittings, door hinges, tree stands and articles for melting tin - all handmade.

Straßenkinderhilfe e.V. / Telar Verlag, Engelhard Schmitt, Am Schöttlein 24, 97422 Schweinfurt, Germany - Tel. +49 (0)9721 32200,
e-mail: engelhard.schmitt@telar-verlag.de - Delicate silhouette miniatures as well as silhouette greeting cards, for sale in favour of the Straßenkinderhilfe e.V. Schweinfurt, Martin Luther-Platz 3, 97421 Schweinfurt - Demonstrations at the table!

Christel Schneider, Jägerhaus 66, 42287 Wuppertal, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)160 6306160 - Exclusive Asian miniatures; manifold assortment from own stock as well as handmade pieces.

NEW: Schmuckhaus "Shevchenko", Dimitry Shevchenko, Lane Krasnoarmeysky, house 1, 1579 40 Krasnoe-Na-Volge, Russia; Tel. +7 (0)962 701 0528, e-mail: washbaren@gmail.com, Internet: www.shew-jewelry-house.ru - Finely crafted decorative silver miniatures for the high class dollhouse, all from own workshop - Fair Special

sea and country delights, Ruth Regelmann, Münsters Feld 4, 46499 Hamminkeln, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2857 80030,
e-mail: ruth.regelmann@web.de - Handmade gourmet food, fish and seafood,
cold cuts and meat specialties, baked goods, fast food, fairground dreams and Bavarian specialties.

Seaside Miniatures, Mike Thomas,
12 Aubrey Close, Milford-On-Sea, Lymington SO41 0TD, Hampshire, Great Britain; Tel. +44 (0)7970 484579, e-mail: seasideminiatures@btopenworld.com - Specialised in unusual laser-cut kits, handmade furniture and accessories scale 1/48. Fitted kitchens in 3 designs, fisherman's cottage and cozy cabin - Fair Special & Workshop No. 4: Up and Away

SG Minis, Sabine Gerst,
Stuttgarter Straße 55, 75438 Knittlingen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)157 58443404, e-mail: sabine-gerst@t-online.de - Furniture and accessories for the modern dollhouse, modern coffee makers and toaster ovens. - Fair Special

Smallscale, Marie-Louise Markhorst, Mesdaglaan 27, 6813 GL Arnhem, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 1985 8530, e-mail: info@smallscale.nl, Internet: www.smallscale.nl - hand crafted copper and silver miniatures scale 1/12 - Fair Special & Workshop No. 5: A Copper Frying Pan

NEW: Small World Parts, Peter Merkl, Ahornstraße 5, 85296 Rohrbach, Germany; e-mail: swp01@web.de - Decorative accessories that are just as practical - made from metal, wood and plastic, mainly crafted using photoetching - Fair Special

Ilona Stahl, Sonnenweg 6, 35789 Weilmünster, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)6472 7854 - decorated scenes and supplies, all handmade from mostly vintage materials

Stella Que Passa, Stella de Bruijne, Westvierdeparten 8, 8391 XS Noordwolde, The Netherlands, Tel. +31 (0)561 430303, e-mail: stellaquepassa@online.nl - Brick compunds, moulds, fimo cutters, DIY-kits and food, many pieces also available scale 1:24.

StudioworX Atelier & Manufaktur, Stefan B Niehues-Ellermann und Katharina Ellermann, Am hohen Ufer 28, 59399 Olfen, Germany; e-mail: info@studioworx.de, Internet: www.beesputty.com - Plastic modelising mass "BeeSPuttY" for professional crafting as well as moulds and crafting supplies - Demonstrations at the table & Workshop No. 7: Scale 1/12 Character Heads (fully booked)

Susan Bembridge Designs, Susan Bembridge, 88 St James Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire YO15 3PQ, England; Tel. +44 (0)1262 676951, e-mail: susan@susanbembridgedesigns.com, Internet: www.susanbembridgedesigns.com - Fine wallpapers, printed silks and cottons, printed wood, stone and marble floorpapers scales 1:12 and 1:24.


T (top)
Takumi Takanashi, 1-22-7-12 Utukushigaokanishi, 225-0001 Aobaku Yokohamashi, Japan; Tel. +81 (0)45 909 5652, e-mail: takumi@minimalxanimal.com - Furred animal figures scale 1/12; dogs, cats, rabbits and wild animals. - Fair Special

Taller Targioni, Alvaro Rodriguez & Paola Ojeda,
Camino del Vizzarin, 313, 33391 Fano, Gijon, Asturias, Spain; Tel. +34 (0)616 669771, e-mail: info@tallertargioni.com - Art Nouveau furniture, accessories for men and women made by high class miniaturists from all over the world, sewing supplies for DIY enthusiasts

NEW: Teapots and More Minis, Inés Llorente,
c/ Siro Muela, 71, 28027, 28027 Madrid, Spain; Tel. +34 (0)636 459 398, e-mail: inesllorentedelara@yahoo.es - Hand-modelised teapots, flowers and various edibles, decorated furniture in scales 1/12 and 1/144

The Little Dollhouse Company, Maria Fowler,
612Mt Pleasant Road, Toronto, M4S 2M8 Ontario, Canada; Tel +1 (0)416489 7180, e-mail: maria@thelittledollhousecompany.com, Internet: www.thelittledollhousecompany.com - Trader for exquisite collector's quality miniatures from Canada, the USA and all over the world.

The Miniature Time, Oretta Corbella, via Cinque Giornate, 11, 22070 Bregnano (Co), Italy; Tel. +39 (0)393 541 8618, e-mail: oretta.corbella@virgilio.it - Flowers, plants, flower arrangements and replicas of ancient vases. - Fair Special

The Mini Factory, Lida v.d. Reep, Het Kaar 98, 5571 RV Bergeyk, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)497 575810 - Fimo-edibles and bridal wear, books, furniture, dolls, chicken coops, everything you need in the garden and much more.

The Minishop, Bertram Stoecklein, Buchbinderweg 29 b, 12355 Berlin, Germany; Tel +49 (0)30 6641371, e-mail: Minishop-Berlin@gmx.de - Flower arrangements, paschal miniatures, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, ponds, tools, lamps, LEDs and electrical supplies as well as furniture.

Time 4 Dolls & Mini More, Jolanda De Keijzer, Haarlerveldweg 14, 7448 PR Haarle (Gem. Hellendoorn), The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)627317864, e-mail: info@time4dolls.nl, Internet: www.time4dolls.nl - Handmade humanoid dolls and DIY-kits with heads of cats, dogs, geese, pigs, bears, monkeys and other animals, Marie Antoinette style dolls and Puss In Boots. - Fair Special

Tiny Ceramics, Rita Kruger, Im Silbertal 5, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)2624 9418060, e-mail: info@tinyceramics.de, Internet: www.tiny-ceramics.com - Ceramic wall- and floor-tiles, enamelled and un-enameled (1.5mm thin, various forms), hand-painted picture-tiles - Commissions welcome!

Trezoortjes, Iris Arentz, Leestsesteenweg 57, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium; Tel. +32 (0)497 593155, e-mail: iris.arentz@telenet.be - Country style miniatures, shops, roomboxes and scenarios, as well as a big assortment of DIY-material - Fair Special & Workshop No. 8: No Witchcraft

Troll Factory, Rainer Habekost, Kaiserdamm 2, 27339 Riede, Germany; Tel +49 (0)172 2698657, e-mail: info@trollfactory.de, Internet: www.trollfactory.de, www.formenkontor.de - Specialized trader for silicone caoutchouc, "Alginate", plaster, latex milk, silicone and resin for model making as well as supplies and advice for appropriate mold design and construction.

Doris Tussing, Kaiser-Ebersdorfer-Straße 90/10/5, 1110 Wien, Austria; Tel +43 (0)699 19525268, e-mail: dtussing@doristussing.com, Internet: www.doristussing.com - Inventively presented character dolls scale 1:12, each one a unique piece, as well as scenery. - Fair Special

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Ulli's Puppenstube, Ulrike Wockauer, Falkensteinstraße 1, 94577 Winzer, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)9901 94772, e-mail: info@ullis-puppenstube.de, Internet: www.ullis-puppenstube.de - Accessories and small pieces of furniture from own workshop, needlework supplies and tools.

NEW: Unicorna, Trees Beertema, Noorddijkerweg 23, 1645 VC Ursem, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 7250 23235, e-mail: trees.beertema@planet.nl, Internet: www.unicorna.nl - Marble plates and tabletops, elaborately draped textiles for decorating a solid and stylish dollhouse as well as a wide range of fabrics, lace and ribbons.

Uschi Schiffner's Petits Corsages, Uschi Schiffner, Römerstraße 15, 86947 Weil, Deutschland; Tel +49 (0)8195 1262, e-mail: Uschi.Schiffner@mailbox.org - Duplicates of historic clothes and corsetry. - Fair Special

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Jan van den Doel, Musselweg 78, 9584 AG Mussel, The Netherlands; Tel +31 (0)6 20054299, e-mail: janvandendoel@gmail.com, Internet: www.winkelplein.nl/janvandendoel - Exclusive plants, flowerst and garden supplies from own manufacturing, hand-painted ribbons and quilting supplies, supplies for miniature floristics.

Pierre van den Heuvel, Gieterijstraat 12, 6001 MV Weert, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)6 10605303, e-mail: p.v.d.heuvel54@hotmail.com - Handmade furniture from different periods, inspired by original designs and own concepts.

Rinus & Lony van Leeuwen, Jaarsveldstraat 162, 2546 CT 162 S. Gravenhage, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)702207850, +31 (0)31648759230, e-mail: Lony51@hotmail.com - Asian furniture from bamboo and bound rattan.

Vilia Miniature, Lia Comugnero, Via San Rocco 1/6, 20060 Vignate (MI), Italy; Tel. +39 (0)3357689611, e-mail: viliaminiature@gmail.com, Internet: www.viliaminiature.it - Unfinished furniture scale 1:12 and 1:24, DIY-kits and accessories, all handmade items.

VONAS Miniaturen, Gert und Ans Vogels-van Nassau, Plesmanlaan 26, 4631 JL Hoogerheide, The Netherlands - Turned and carved miniatures from wood and recycled ivory, processed in combination with gold (14 carat) and 925 silver in collectors' quality. - Fair Special

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Wagon Mountain Studio, Godelief Janssen, Heidehof 14, 4921 GA Made, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)624 273771, e-mail: noldien.janssen@planet.nl - Hand-painted Hindeloop furniture and home accessories following historic examples from the 16th through 19th century.

Stephan Wein,
Bärenstraße 1, 71643 Ludwigsburg, Germany; Tel +49 (0)7141 923 051, e-mail: stephan.wein1@gmx.de, Internet: www.atelierwerkstatt-wein.de - Decorative silver objects from different epoques, professionally crafted and artfully decorated. - Fair Special

Wieser-Miniaturen, Walter Wieser, Dickebankstraße 24, 44149 Dortmund, Germany; Tel. +49 (0)231 173150, e-mail: WalterWieserDo@aol.com - Fimo edibles as limited-lot productions and one of a kind pieces from own manufacturing as well as wallpapers.

Jaap Wijtenburg, Zdl. Parallelweg 214, 6812 BZ Arnheim, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)26 445 7385 - Hand-painted miniature oil paintings following own designs in the style of the old masters (all unique pieces) - commissions welcome!

Will Werson Miniaturen, Will Werson, Oude Kleiweg 7, 3043 LD Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)10 4665668, e-mail: willwerson@gmail.com, Internet: www.etsy.com/shop/willwersonminiaturen - Wickered furniture and baskets, DIY-wicker material and costumes on mannequins, specialised in Scottish kilts - Fair Special

Wolwereldje, Truus Kobes, De Kosterskamp 2, 7491 KP Delden, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)74 3763842, e-mail: wolwereldje@kpnmail.nl, Internet: www.wolwereldje.nl - Jewellery boxes with little arrangements, dressed dolls, yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, ready-made knitted clothes, Smyrna needles and DIY-kits. - Fair Special

Natasja Woord, Wijk 7-15, 8321 VK Urk, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)527685574, e-mail: natasja.woord@gmail.com, Internet: www.creahobbynl.blogspot.nl - Handmade miniatures from wool: bears, toys and dolls.

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Carla Zandvliet , Kotter 72, 1186 WL Amstelveen, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)20 647 2989, e-mail: carla.zandvliet@ziggo.nl - Exquisite silk flowers, garden- and seasonal decorations for Easter and Christmas. - Fair Special

ZUS & ZO Miniaturen, Marike Schenning, Prins Hendrikstraat 139, 3151 AE, Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands; Tel. +31 (0)625 193 350, e-mail: marikeschenning@online.nl, Internet: www.miniwebwinkel.nl/winkel/zusenzominiaturen - Hand-thrown unglazed and glazed ceramics, some of it decoratively painted.